What is the psychology of color?

The psychology of color is an interesting topic, and it has a greater impact on the profession of graphic designers. Because in graphic design, there are times when choosing one color is more appropriate than another. We can describe the psychology of color as the effect that different colors have on human behavior. In this article, we will focus on the aspects that are used in marketing and how to interact with brands. The psychology of color varies from person to person, but there are certainly commonalities in how people perceive colors.

How is it applied in design?

In branding, we can choose a color palette that reflects the emotions we want the customer to feel when dealing with us. While choosing the right colors can help your brand stand out, choosing the wrong colors can damage your brand image. For example, if you choose the wrong colors for your content or logo, it can reduce its readability or reduce its effectiveness in the eyes of your audience. Marketers can use color to influence how people think and behave towards a brand. Choosing colors can help people make conscious or unconscious decisions. And that’s why content marketers and designers need to understand the meanings of different colors.

رنگ‌ها در برندها

Choosing red for some traffic signs, such as a stop sign, is not accidental. Psychologically, we consider red to mean urgency. So, by definition, think about why so many Sales signs are red.

رنگ قرمز در تابلو ایست و حراج

What emotions do colors evoke in us?

Color effects

Each color can evoke a special feeling in the viewer. In the image below, you can see the most common perception of how colors give us. These definitions are not exactly the same for everyone, but are common to most people.

So, as we see, a lot of emotion is created with each color. How to use this theme can be important in brainstorming and designing a brand or campaign with the right audience and evoking special emotions. Of course, color is just one aspect of branding and marketing, and the psychology of color should not always be the defining element, but it is important to understand how different colors can influence customers’ everyday subconscious decisions.

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