EMZA brand identity

It was almost 2019 when one of my old colleagues and friends called Afshin Asadi told me about the idea of ​​a new and special brand that they had in mind. Since that time, the design of the logo and brand identity for this new brand began. After several designs, we reached the desired result. Today, this brand has started its work with a young and creative team who works clean and creative with the ability to launch successful campaigns. I am always proud of this collaboration.

Emza brand focuses on the independent identity of each person, and cooperation with famous people and personalization have been part of this brand’s strategy since the beginning.
In brand visual identity design, all the visual factors that influence the brand’s relationship with the audience are the goal. This process includes logo design, stationary, allowed ratios of the logo in different media, dos and don’ts in using the logo, and everything else that a brand needs to communicate.

If you need a visual identity for your business, contact me through the contact page.

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