Designing the brand identity of KAMVA, was a very pleasant experience in working with a tasteful Iranian clothing brand. After the sanctions of the last few years and the laws banning the import of clothing in Iran, the domestic production of clothing flourished and led to the formation of new Iranian brands.

KAMVA brand is one of these new Iranian brands that have well understood the concept of branding while maintaining the principles of elegance and quality in production.
A legible Persian typo was used for the logo. The thickness in the logo allow you to not be limited in the execution of the logo in any context. Whether in the construction of a store sign, or the engraving on the leather back of jeans, or in the small size of the clothing tag that should be recognizable and readable.

  • CustomerKamva
  • LocationTehran
  • Year2020
  • SoftwareIllustrator

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